1)  We started Dhamma teachings to just 25 student on the Dhamma SUNDAY WORKSHOP. Our first was Dhamma Summer camp, was arranged for overall child development at

2)  In the Dhamma summer camp children were specially taught how to concentrate on studies/ self-development / self-respect. We also encourage them for their own hidden talents like singing / dancing / elocution skill / Drawing / etc.

3)  We also took regular part in agitation to protest against the committee of MahabodhiMahavihara Buddha Gaya since 1991 to present year. We organised long march from Mumbai chaityaBhumi to MahadChavdar tale for TWO consecutive years were monks from all over INDIA participated in it nearly 400 to 500 monks were present . Both longmarch were under the presidency of BhadhantAnandMahasthavir, he is great religious leader of Indian Bhikhusangha.