Please! Come and see :- (Ehipassko)

1) Fundraising for School.

Fundraising for Children and their education.

We are constructing" Dr Ambedkar Memorial Public School" for rural children and we are trying to give them a standard education in rural area. We appeal to all devotees please donate for this noble cause.

Donors can adopt a child, so that donors can pay a child annual expenses of Rs. 20000/- fee to our organization account.


2) Fundraising for Vesak Day.

The Sharan Bahuuddeshiya Sevabhavi Sanstha also celebrate 'Vesak Day' every year . By this celebration, we want peace in the whole world. Because Buddha thought peace to the world. And therefore we want peacefulness, happiness and prosperity through Buddha Pooja for the all human beings. By chanting may all free from suffering and they attained Nibbana (salvation). And for this function you can also donate as per your wish.


Donation can be in various form

1) Food for poor people,

2) Robes donate for monks,

3) Dhamma flag for functions.

4) Donate your time as volunteer.

As these good deed helps to your meritorious of lives. Regular contributions can be very helpful to secure our confidence for ongoing projects and manage our cash flow more easily. If you can make a Standing Order of at least Rs. 200 / 500 a month, this will give us an enormous strength to maintain our utility bills and other regular expenses smoothly. Please consider making this donation to support the our projects . You may, of course, cancel your standing order in the future if devotee is not satisfied with the organisation work.

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